Customising Options

simple and versatile
Widest range of customising options including handles, colours, screening and security options.

Handle Options

Altair® Louvre Handles to suit your situation.
For technical details please visit the Technical page.

Standard Handle

Designed to fit the contours of the human hand for easy use.

Low Profile Handle

Designed for installation within some bi-fold and sliding doors.

Ring Handle

For louvres out-of-reach and operated by a map rod. Scroll down to view map rod details.

Standard Handle

Low Profile Handle

Ring Handle

Handle 3D Models

Online viewing of 3D models is a relatively new technology. Viewing 3D models requires a fast internet connection and reasonably high speed computer processor. Viewing may not be possible on some older computers. We recommend Google Chrome for the best viewing results.
NOTE: Whenever you see this symbol click on an illustration to view a 3D interactive version. Rotate the model by using your left mouse button or pan the model by using your right mouse button. Use your mouse wheel to zoom.

Standard Handle

Low Profile Handle

Ring Handle

Map Rod

Map Rod used in conjunction with the Ring Pull Handle when installed out of arm’s reach.

  • 2m, 3m and 4m set lengths
  • 1.8m – 3.6m telescopic length
NOTE: Handles are placed on the left side of the louvre blades (viewed from inside). This can occasionally cause issues with handle access and instead Right Hand Control can be requested at time of order placement.

The vertical position of handles may also cause occasional issues with access or operation. The handle position can often be changed by special request at order placement.

152mm Louvre Handle Positions

102mm Louvre Handle Positions

Louvre Blade Options

With Altair® Louvre Windows you can choose blades that best suit the windows function, such as maximising views, letting in/reducing sunlight, reducing glare, gaining privacy or creating your own design style.

For technical details please visit the Technical page.

Blade Dimensions

Blade height
Altair Louvre Windows are available with two blade heights: 102mm (4”) and 152mm (6”).

Blade length
The length of the louvre blade is typically based on the bay width required for the window application and any length restrictions to comply with Building Codes. For more information see FAQ “How wide can my louvres be?”.

Blade thickness
The Altair Louvre design has been optimised for 6mm thick glass and aluminium blades or 14mm thick timber blades. The use of other thicknesses will compromise the performance of the product and are not warranted by Breezway.

Blades for Stronghold
Blades that are mechanically retained by the Stronghold System (i.e. A high strength acetal pin that is inserted through the Stronghold clip, bearing and blade) are available for use with 6mm thick, 152mm or 102mm drilled glass or aluminium blades. For more information, visit the Stronghold System page.

Blade heights of 102mm (4”)
and 152mm (6”) available.

Blade Material

Altair Louvre blades can be made from glass, timber or aluminium. Timber blades are available in the Western Red Cedar species.

Glass Blades

Obscure, grey, green, toughened for extra strength and safety, with a clear low e coating for enhanced energy efficiency, or good old sparkling clear glass! As long as it’s 6mm thick, almost every type of glass can be installed into an Altair Louvre Window.

Timber Blades

Western Red Cedar timber blades let the breeze in and create privacy at the same time while reducing the amount of heat passing through the window. All timbers can be stained to blend in with your home.

Aluminium Blades

Aluminium blades are virtually maintenance free, can’t rust and never need painting. Our aluminium blades are offered in a large variety of powder coated colour finishes including Decowood for that eye-catching timber look.

Benefits Summary

Select the right blade to suit your situation.

Key consideration

Blade type


Increased glass safetyToughened Glass
Toughened glass is around 5 times stronger than un-toughened glass. Not only is it harder to break, but if it does break, it breaks into small fragments with square edges instead of razor-sharp shards of glass. Building codes will require toughened glass in certain situations in the building. Toughening all glass blades is an extra precaution that is available.
Timber and AluminiumTimber and aluminium obviously do not shatter at all.
Clear views and maximum daylightClear GlassClear glass will maximise these considerations. Tinted glass can also be very effective with only slight reductions in daylight.
Increased insulationClear low e Glass and Timber
Clear glass with a low emissivity coating and timber have insulating properties to reduce the heat transfer through the blade.
Protection from heat gain due to direct sunlightGlass – tinted grey or green
Reduces the Solar Heat Gain when protection from direct sunlight is wanted. This will typically be a key consideration on western elevations (as windows facing the west are exposed to hot afternoon sun).
Timber and AluminiumTimber and aluminium are solid blades and very effective in this role.
Heat gain from direct sunlight is desirableClear GlassIn colder seasons heat gain from sunlight is a very desirable benefit. North facing windows will typically be clear glass to get this free heating benefit from nature.
PrivacyGlass – satinlite or satina
These glasses are obscure to provide privacy while also letting in daylight while closed.
Aluminium and TimberAluminium and timber are solid blades that will provide complete privacy while closed, but need to be open to provide daylight.
Colour, visual impactAluminiumAluminium blades can be anodised or powder coated to a wide array of colours.
Timber warmth or lookTimber
Our Western Red Cedar blades provide the timber “look” and the insulated benefits of timber.
Aluminium – Decowood Aluminium blades can be finished with Decowood timber look powdercoat. This provides the appearance of timber, with the low maintenance of aluminium.

Restricted Blade Openings

Due to compliance laws you may need to restrict your louvre openings to meet state or local government regulations. There are a number of reasons why you may need restricted openings including situations when using louvres for fall prevention, louvres adjacent to swimming pools etc. To find out more please visit our Compliance page. For more information about our standard and restricted opening product offer please download the design manual on the downloads page.

Fixed Louvres

For technical details please visit the Technical page.

  • Not available with 102mm clip.
  • As outlined in Clause F1.13(c)(iii) of the NCC, fixed louvres are exempt from compliance with AS2047.
  • Fixed louvres are only available in standard heights ie. extended
    channel not available.
  • Louvres blades are fixed at a 45 degree angle.

Applications for Fixed Vent Louvres

Use fixed vent louvres where permanent ventilation, light, privacy and a degree of weatherproofing is required. Some typical applications include:

  • Vented roofs
  • Laundries (industrial, domestic)
  • Bathrooms
  • Public Amenities
  • Housing for air conditioning units
  • Screening walkways
No. of BladesHeight (mm) Height (mm)
No WeatherstripWith Weatherstrip

Altair® Louvre Window Sizes

Altair Louvre Windows are custom manufactured to order, meaning there is a wide flexibility in sizes available. There are no standard blade widths, most louvres bays are between 600mm and 900mm but can extend up to 1200mm if using the Stronghold System.

For technical details please visit the Technical page.


  • Standard heights are based off the chosen blade height of 102mm and 152mm. *Recommended Option*
  • Off Standard heights are available but will add cost to your window and result in a fixed louvre blade to act as a filler piece.
  • The type of window frame chosen will affect the standard heights.

Please note: No off-standard heights are available with 102mm Powerlouvre Windows.


  • There are no standard louvre blade or louvre bay widths.
  • When determining the bay widths possible a rule of thumb is the higher the wind and water performance required, the shorter the blade should be (i.e. cyclonic regions).
  • Most blade lengths are between 600mm to 900mm wide, or up to 1200mm if using the Stronghold System.
  • Multiple louvre bays can often achieve the desired frame width.
  • Breezway’s framing systems can offer a maximum of 4 metres wide.

Please note: For Powerlouvre Windows, the minimum bay widths are:

  • 2-9 blade high Powerlouvres = 400mm
  • 10-18 blade high Powerlouvres = 500mm

Please speak to your local window manufacturer for advice on your specific circumstances.

Altair® Louvre Standard Heights

For mobile devices: Use your finger to scroll table horizontally.
No. of BladesAltair Louvres for Other Frames with Breezway Weatherstrip

Standard Heights*

Altair Powerlouvres for Other Frames with Breezway Weatherstrip

Standard Heights**

152 mm Blade102 mm Blade152 mm Blade102 mm Blade

* To calculate the gallery height only, deduct 10mm.

**To calculate the gallery height only for Powerlouvre Windows, deduct 40mm

For information on off-standard heights, please refer to the Compare Frames page to locate the Breezway Window System or Componentry of interest.

Keylocks, Screens and Security Bars

Altair® Louvres offer a wide variety of barrier options to choose from

For technical details please visit the Technical page.


The Altair Louvre Keylock is strong and durable with an easy to use locking mechanism.

  • Brushed Chrome finish.
  • No maintenance required.
  • Fits most frames and is installed on the opposite side of the handle.
  • Same key can be used to lock or unlock multiple keylocks.

For details on how to operate please view the Keylock Instructions Document.


There are many window framing systems today that will allow a security or insect screen to be placed to the outside of your Altair Louvres.

  • Screens can improve the insulation and shading properties of the window.
  • Altair Components can be installed into other window manufacturer’s frames with screening capabilities.
  • Visit our WTB page to find your closest window manufacturer.

Security Bars

Security bars are an effective barrier when the louvre is open, that unlike screens do not reduce any air flow.

  • Available to fit 152mm blade heights.
  • Can suit various frames types.
  • Optional 16mm D bar provides neat finish with no visible louvre and jamb fixings.

Colours & Finish Selection

Breezway offers an extensive range of colours and finishes, many with optional colour matched handles and clips.

For technical details please visit the Technical page.

Selecting the Right Aluminium Finish

Altair Louvre windows are available in three different surface finishes: 25 micron anodised, standard powder coating and high performance powder coating under warranty from Dulux and Akzo Nobel.

Over time, weathering of powder coated surfaces should be expected, resulting in a gradual change in appearance. Selecting the right powder for the atmospheric conditions of the site and correct maintenance will be critical to the ongoing appearance of the finish.

The application of high durability powder will reduce this deterioration and is essential for severe industrial, coastal or tropical environments.

Note: Industry accepted colour variation can occur during the aluminium anodising process.

For mobile devices: Use your finger to scroll table horizontally.
ProductFilm Integrity WarrantyColour IntegrityRecommended End Use
Interpon D1000
Dulux Duralloy
10 years7 yearsResidential and Light Commercial to 3 Levels; and more than 100 metres from any salt water or surf line
Interpon D2015
Dulux Duratec
15 years20 yearsCommercial Prominent and Coastal
Clear anodised
– 25 µm
10 years10 yearsSuitable for all environments including; severe, industrial, coastal or tropical environments

Note: All Dulux Duratec Warranties applied for on orders prior to 2nd September 2019 only carry a 15 year colour integrity warranty as per the warranty period offered by Dulux. Warranty periods for high performance ranges must be applied for approval from Dulux or Interpon. Applications must be made using project and site details and have a Warranty Certificate issued by Dulux or Interpon, prior to placement of orders. If a Warranty Certificate is not issued by Dulux or Interpon, then maximum warranty period will be 10-year Breezway Warranty. For more information please visit or

Powder Coated Aluminium Window Colour Chart

These colours are available with optional colour matched handles and clips. Some colour variation between aluminium and plastic can occur.
Our Standard Colour Range is listed below or view our Standard Colour Brochure. Please contact Breezway if you require a hard copy.

To learn more about how to care for your aluminium finishes, please visit the Care & Maintenance page.

NOTE: These colours are indicative only and may not exactly reflect their true colour due to differences in screen calibration.

Almond 91558802

French Grey Satin GK164A

Lichen Matt GM264A

LSG Matt Charcoal 9159058M

LSG Matt Karaka 9156064M

LSG Matt New Denim Blue 9155063M

LSG Matt Titania 9152068M

Matt Wizard 9155197M

Mid Bronze Matt GM208A

Rangoon Green Matt NZ 9156259M

Slate Blue Matt 9155147M

Anodised (Clear) 25 Micron

Grey Friars Matt GL265A

LSG Matt Black 9159041M

LSG Matt Desert Sand 9153065M

LSG Matt Lichen 9156101M

LSG Matt Permanent Green 9156102M

Magnolia Satin GD110A

Metropolis Silver Pearl Kinetic 9157113K

New Denim Blue Matt GJ276A

Rivergum Beige NZ 91536991

Slate Blue Satin GJ114A

Arctic White 91558851

Ironsand Matt GM233A

LSG Matt Bronco 9152111M

LSG Matt Grey Friars 9157167M

LSG Matt Lignite 9158033M

LSG Matt Sandstone Grey 9157217M

Matt Black GN291A

Metropolis Warm White Pearl Kinetic 9152075K

Wizard Satin GJ119A

Silver Pearl Satin GY120A

Titania Matt GA275A

Bone White Matt 9157304M

Karaka Matt GK297A

LSG Matt Canvas Cloth 9157327M

LSG Matt Ironsand 9158096M

LSG Matt Mist Green 9156103M

LSG Matt Scoria 9154114M

FlaxPod Matt GP298A

Metropolis Warm White Pearl Matt 9151176K

Off White Matt 9153144M

Silver Star Kinetic 9157043K

Window Bronze Kinetic 9158068K

Aluminium Finish

Standard New Zealand Finishes Colour & Clip Offer

FinishAkzo CodeDulux CodeHandle & Clips at Standard PriceHandle & Clips Colour Matched at Off Standard Price
Anodised (Clear) 25 Micron--Gull Grey
Arctic White-91558851White
Bone White Matt-9157304MBlackYes
French Grey SatinGK164A-BlackYes
Grey Friars MattGL265A-BlackYes
Ironsand MattGM233A-BlackYes
Karaka MattGK297A-BlackYes
Lichen MattGM264A-BlackYes
LSG Matt Black-9159041MBlack
LSG Matt Bronco-9152111MBlackYes
LSG Matt Canvas Cloth-9157327MBlackYes
LSG Matt Charcoal-9159058MBlackYes
LSG Matt Desert Sand-9153065MBlackYes
LSG Matt Grey Friars-9157167MBlackYes
LSG Matt Ironsand-9158096MBlackYes
LSG Matt Karaka-9156064MBlackYes
LSG Matt Lichen-9156101MBlackYes
LSG Matt Lignite-9158033MBlackYes
LSG Matt Mist Green-9156103MBlackYes
LSG Matt New Denim Blue-9155063MBlackYes
LSG Matt Permanent Green-9156102MBlackYes
LSG Matt Sandstone Grey-9157217MBlackYes
LSG Matt Scoria-9154114MBlackYes
LSG Matt Titania-9152068MBlackYes
Magnolia SatinGD110A-BlackYes
Matt BlackGN291A-Black
FlaxPod MattGP298A-BlackYes
Matt Wizard-9155197MBlackYes
Metropolis Silver Pearl Kinetic-9157113KBlackYes
Metropolis Warm White Pearl Kinetic-9152075KBlackYes
Metropolis Warm White Pearl Matt-9151176KWhiteYes
Mid Bronze MattGM208A-BlackYes
New Denim Blue Matt GJ276A-BlackYes
Wizard SatinGJ119A-BlackYes
Off White Matt-9153144MBlackYes
Rangoon Green Matt NZ-9156259MBlackYes
Rivergum Beige NZ-91536991BlackYes
Silver Pearl SatinGY120A-BlackYes
Silver Star Kinetic-9157043KBlackYes
Slate Blue Matt-9155147MBlackYes
Slate Blue SatinGJ114A-BlackYes
Titania MattGA275A-BlackYes
Window Bronze Kinetic-9158068KBlackYes


  • Clear anodised 25 micron gallery and Weatherstrip material is kept in stock. Other anodised products are subject to a longer lead time.
  • Standard and Secondary colours will be reviewed and adjusted on a six monthly basis subject to market trends and customer usage.
  • Paint codes are to be stated on all orders.
  • Breezway can apply Interpon D1000 and Dulux Duralloy powdercoatings. Warranty information available from and

* Colour co-ordinate to Bluescope Steel’s COLOURBOND colour range. A handle and clip colour matched to the DecoWood Western Red Cedar high performance powder coating is available.

*Breezway Special Finishes

10 day lead time.
All stocked colours from the Interpon D1000, Interpon D1010, Interpon TC, Dulux Duralloy, Dulux PG288 and Dulux Precious ranges.
Clip and handle colours are only available in black, white or from the standard colour range only.

*Breezway High Performance Finishes

10 day lead time.
All stocked colours from the Interpon D2015 Ultriva, Dulux Duratec, Dulux Armourspray and Dulux Electro ranges.
Clip and handle colours are only available in black, white or from the standard colour range only.

*Breezway Unique Finishes

Lead time is dependent on supplier’s lead times and is to be confirmed by Breezway.
Unique Finishes include Anodised finishes (excluding Clear Anodised 25 micron), Dulux Alphatec, Dulux Surreal Effects and Made-To-Order powders
Clip and handle colours are only available in black, white or from the standard colour range only.
Textured powdercoat finishes like Interpon Sable Collection, Interpon Ripple Series, Dulux Surreal Effects, Dulux Scylla and Dulux Mannex may result in reduced water penetration resistance and air infiltration performance in some situations. Please contact Breezway if you are intending to use a textured finish.

*Breezway DecoWood Finishes

High performance marine grade photo image finish.
5 day lead time on DecoWood Western Red Cedar blades, channel and weatherstrip.
Lead time on other DecoWood colours is dependent on supplier’s lead times and is to be confirmed by Breezway (normally 4-6 weeks).
Clip and handle colours are only available in black, white, from the standard colour range, or colour matched to Western Red Cedar.

*Surcharges apply for aluminium finishes from the special, high performance, unique and DecoWood ranges.