Residential Home featuring the new Double Glazed IGLU System

Natural ventilation is important in any home environment. It helps keep the air we breathe clean and fresh whilst maintaining a connection with our outdoor environment. This beautiful residential home located in the heart of Brisbane features the new double glazed Altair IGLU System by Breezway. Comprising of two layers of 5mm Low E glazing and a 12mm Argon Gas filled spacer, the IGLU System is the first double glazed residential louvre available on the Australian market.

The unique design of the new Altair IGLU Double Glazed Louvre opens twice as wide as other window types to offer maximum ventilation to naturally cool a living or working space without the need for artificial air conditioning systems. Yet they seal tight when closed for superior protection against the elements.

The IGLU System features the Stronghold System for additional strength and safety and can be customised from various options available including automation with the Breezway Altair Powerlouvre System.

The double glazed IGLU Louvre has been installed into various rooms throughout this home, including the main living area. Occupants can easily operate the Breezway Louvres to control the indoor temperature from the comfort of their living room chairs when using a smartphone device. The IGLU System is also featured in all the bathrooms, study and the spare bedroom for natural light and ventilation.

To see learn more about the new double glazed louvre please visit the IGLU System page.