Altair Louvre Windows in the lounge room ought to be compulsory.

Okay, we might be a little biased about that. But think about it. Is there a better, cheaper or more stylish way to have complete control of the air flowing through your living area? We think not. And most leading architects and designers agree.

Impress your guests with Altair Louvre Windows in your living or dining areas. Open up the area to bring the outside in without obstructing outdoor views and really enjoy the true beauty of what Mother Nature has to offer.


Image: Breezway Louvres are ideal for out of reach locations to allow air to flow in and keep occupants comfortable.


Image: Single bays of Breezway Louvre Windows can create eye-catching designs next to sliding doors inside a living area.

Louvres next to fixed lites

Image: Breezway Louvre Windows next to fixed panes can ventilate the area and keep it free from condensation.


Image: Maintain outdoor views from inside the living room with Breezway Louvre Windows.

With Altair Louvre Windows you can maintain a comfortable living environment in summer without the need for air conditioning. Alternatively in winter, Altair Louvres seal tight to provide protection from the elements so you don’t have to worry about cold drafts entering your home or rattly louvres during windy days.

Worried about mosquitoes or other flying insects? Insect screens and security screens are available to keep your home free from bugs and intruders. Read more on our Screens page.

Breezway also provides you with more matching frame, handle and clip options than any other louvre company. The choice of timber and aluminium blades means you can have your fresh air and your privacy away from nosey neighbours. View the options via our Blades page.

For more examples on how you can install Breezway Louvres into your Living or Dining room, please visit our Residential Project Profile page.

They don’t make louvres like they use to!