Window Fall Prevention and Barriers

Windows safeguarding against a fall of 1 metre or more

Restricted Openings


To comply with F4/AS1 2.1.1 or 2.1.2 of the New Zealand Building Code, a 100mm diameter sphere must not be able to pass through the openable window.

Altair Louvre Window TypeWill Prevent A 100mm Diameter Sphere From Passing Through?
Altair Louvre Window with 102mm ClipsY
Altair Louvre Window with 152mm Clips - unrestricted openingN
Altair Louvre Window with 152mm Clips - 100mm restricted openingY
Altair Louvre Window with 152mm Clips - 80mm restricted openingY

Imposed Loads


Altair Louvre Windows have undergone testing to the design loads set out in Clause 3.6 and Table 3.3 AS/NZS 1170.1 “Structural Design Actions” for imposed loads on barrier infills.

In situations where concentrated loads greater than 187N must be withstood Altair Louvres must be specified to include the Stronghold System which mechanically fixes blades into the Altair Stronghold Clips.

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AS/NZS 1170 OccupancyAA (other), C3, B & EC1/C2, C5 & D
Concentrated Design Load (kN)
Window Position above internal floor>1200mm>1200mm<1200mm<1200mm>1200mm<1200mm
Concentrated Ultimate Load (kN)0.1870.3750.3750.751.1252.25
Altair Louvre with 6mm toughened glass or Breezway aluminium blade to max blade length 700mmYNNNNN
Altair Louvre with the Stronghold System with 6mm toughened glass to max blade length 700mmYYYYNN
Altair Louvre with the Stronghold System with 6mm aluminium to max blade length 700mmYYYYYN

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For more information, please read the Altair Load Testing for NZ Requirements Technical Bulletin.