Altair® Louvres with the Stronghold® System

Use the Stronghold® System for safeguarding against a fall of 1 metre or more

Secure and Safe

Designed to mechanically retain blades without obstructing outdoor views, the Stronghold System improves blade retention and minimises the risk of blades being dislodged by impact.

Stronghold is ideal for multi-level buildings, schools, balcony enclosures, or as an added barrier in residential buildings.

The louvre blades are retained in Stronghold Clips by a pin that passes through the clips, bearing and blade. Once installed, the pins cannot be removed without tools and the blades are prevented from being removed from the clips. Pins are visible on the inside/underside of the clips.

Altair Louvre Window with the Stronghold System

Safeguarding Against Falls

Breezway Altair Louvres with the Stronghold System are fit for purpose for locations where openable windows are required to safeguard against a fall of 1 metre or more. As the entire glazed area can be opened to allow airflow they can be used to maximise natural ventilation and cooling in multi level applications. They are also ideal for creating winter gardens as they can be opened for ventilation in warmer weather or closed for protection in colder weather.

Tested to ensure superior performance

Altair Louvres with the Stronghold System exceed the requirements of NZS 4211-2008 “Specification for performance of windows” and have completed sphere and static load testing to ensure compliance with clause F4 and document B1 of the Building Code. Depending on the blade type, testing of Stronghold has achieved a load of 700N and up to 1500N in the open position.

Note: The Stronghold System is a window, not a balustrade system. Test reports are available from Breezway. It is the responsibility of the building designer to specify systems and products that meet the barrier and balustrade requirements for a building.

Blade Type Compatibility


 152mm High102mm High
Annealed glassNN
Toughened glassYY
Straight cut timberNN
Rebated timberNN

Product Offer

  • Available for 102mm and 152mm glass or aluminium blades.
  • Can be installed in all window frames that are compatible to Altair Louvres.
  • Identical to the standard heights of Altair Louvre Window Systems with regular clips.
  • Available with the range of Altair Louvre options, including Powerlouvre.


If blades need to be removed from an Altair Stronghold Louvre Window or if broken blades need to be replaced, the pins must be removed. The removal process requires tools and will destroy the pins so new pins will be required when blades are re-installed.

Breezway Stronghold Flyer

Details about the Stronghold System for high rise buildings.
View PDF.