NZS 4211 Product Performance Warranty

Altair® Louvres are designed to exceed the requirements of NZS 4211-2008 “Windows in Buildings”.

Product Performance Warranty – Commercial

For commercial applications, please consult Breezway Louvre Windows with your specific project requirements, so we can correctly apply the relevant performance warranty constraints.

Product Performance Warranty – Housing

The following table outlines the maximum variations that Breezway® Louvre Windows will warrant per Rating Category. Exceeding these constraints will void this Warranty. The limitations have been generated through NATA test results. The design constraints below apply to Altair Louvre Components used in New Zealand manufacturer’s framing systems.

A window manufacturer will be able to label its Louvre Window products to comply with NZS 4211 when assembling Louvre windows to Breezway procedures and operating within the following performance warranty constraints.

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 Medium Wind ZoneHigh Wind ZoneVery High Wind ZoneExtra High Wind Zone
960Pa ULS
680Pa SLS
204Pa Water Pass
1360Pa ULS
970Pa SLS
291Pa Water Pass
1760Pa ULS
1250Pa SLS
375Pa Water Pass
2130Pa ULS
1515Pa SLS
455Pa Water Pass
Max Span (mm)Max HeightMax Span (mm)Max HeightMax Span (mm)Max HeightMax Span (mm)Max Height

152mm Altair® Louvre

152mm glass¹ blade (toughened & annealed)90021 blades70017 blades550215 blades250029 blades2
152mm aluminium blade60017 blades45017 blades----
152mm Western Red Cedar timber blade60017 blades45017 blades----

102mm Altair® Louvre

102mm glass¹ blade (toughened & annealed)75033 blades70027 blades----
102mm aluminium blade60027 blades45027 blades----
102mm Western Red Cedar timber blade60027 blades45027 blades----

View/download NZS4211 Product Performance Warranty small-pdf4

small-pdf4View/download the “Non-exposed” and “Exposed” Water Penetration Technical Bulletin here.


  • The Product Performance Warranty only applies to Altair Gallery sets without screw holes.
  • Altair Weatherstrips must be used.
  • Allowable length of blades have been calculated using AS1288.

1. Glass must be straight and flat within +/- 0.35 mm/m.
2. High upstand weatherstrip required.